Ares 2.0 All White UGT+ II
Ares 2.0 All White UGT+ II
Ares 2.0 All White UGT+ II
Ares 2.0 All White UGT+ II
Ares 2.0 All White UGT+ II
Ares 2.0 All White UGT+ II

Ares 2.0 All White UGT+ II

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  • PALM - 4mm German Latex UGT+
  • CUT - Hybrid Roll-Negative
  • WRIST - 9 cm semi-elastic wristband
  • STRAP - New 360 system: Two-piece elastic strap with 2 Velcro fasteners.
  • BACKHAND - One-piece Breathprene body, punch zone and natural Latex


Latex is at the heart of our performance, and with the Ares 2.0 UGT+ II, we have reached new levels. With a 4mm palm of 100% Natural German UGT+ II Latex, we have perfected the formula to provide unparalleled grip and exceptional durability. Designed for any playing surface and weather conditions, this high-performance latex ensures supreme control in both dry and wet conditions without compromising the durability demanded by elite play.

GEL FIT provides the best non-slip grip system. A special German material is inserted in the internal compartment of the latex palm, at previously studied points, so that the hand does not slip while inside the glove. This allows for excellent security and an increased feel of the ball when in contact with the glove.

Hybrid Roll-Negative combines the best features of the Roll Finger and Negative cut. This cut delivers great comfort and an optimal grip. The two inner fingers are manufactured in a negative cut style to ensure greater flexibility and mobility when making a save. In addition, the latex on the index and fifth finger are always in contact with the ball. Players find that they have more surface area to work with when catching a ball. This cut conforms to your hand like a second skin, providing an unmatched connection between the goalkeeper and the ball. Every movement feels natural, every save becomes precise.

The evolution continues on the backhand of the glove. Incorporating a Breathprene body and an injected gel system, the Ares 2.0 UGT+ II provides an exceptional feel and an improved punch zone.

BREATHPRENE® This is a new fabric with the main purpose of providing an excellent level of lightness, breathability, and elasticity to the glove.

The extended tubular backhand along with the adjustable elastic offers a secure and comfortable fit. Furthermore, we have perfected the 360-degree strap system with a dual elastic strap and two Velcro points, giving you the confidence to face any challenge

Goalkeepers who pursue excellence at the highest level. From professional competitions to matches on artificial turf, these gloves are the ultimate choice for those demanding optimal performance in all weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome gloves! I play D1 college.

These gloves are next level. They are so much better than my Puma that cost more than double. The grip is very sticky and they look so sick. I wear size 9 and their size 9 fits perfectly. I cant speak about their durability yet but they seem super well built and feel like a top of the line expensive glove.


I have spent thousands of dollars on gloves in the past 15 years and have owned hundreds of pairs that ranged from $50 to $250. This glove is by far the best glove I have ever had. The fit and grip are out of this world. It feels like a cheat code. The looks are even better. I have never had received so many complements on the same game about my gloves. I cannot believe this is only $79. I'm buying one of each color. Btw, I have no affiliation with them and never leave reviews.

Lucas Perri

Lyon - French 1st Division




Our mission is to give every goalkeeper access to the best quality gloves in the world! N1 uses the most advanced technologies and materials combined with a team of innovative designers and professional goalkeepers who strive to develop the best looking and performing gloves in the market within a very affordable price.


Our team has many years of experience in professional goalkeeping worldwide. However, like most successful athletes, we have had to overcome several obstacles to become pro goalkeepers. We understand the importance of wearing great quality gloves without breaking the bank. That is why we remain committed to developing the best gloves in the world without compromising quality.


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