Ares Kids Purple
Ares Kids Purple
Ares Kids Purple
Ares Kids Purple
Ares Kids Purple

Ares Kids Purple

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    • PALM - 3mm German latex Super Grip + 4 mm of foam.
    • CUT - Hybrid Roll-Negative
    • WRIST - 9 cm elastic wristband
    • STRAP - Latex strap with 2 velcro fasteners for a comfortable and tight closure.
    • BACKHAND - 4mm Synthetic Latex + 4mm foam + removable spines
    • BODY - MESH
    • FINGERSAVE - Yes


    The Super Grip latex is recommended for a beginner goalkeeper looking for a glove with the greatest palm durability. It is made with an exclusive formulation of synthetic latex that guarantees a high resistance on any surface. Emphasis has been placed on durability.

    Hybrid Roll-Negative combines the best features of the Roll Finger and Negative cut. This cut delivers great comfort and an optimal grip. The two inner fingers are manufactured in a negative cut style to ensure greater flexibility and mobility when making a save. In addition, the latex on the index and fifth finger are always in contact with the ball. Players find that they have more surface area to work with when catching a ball.

    4mm Synthetic latex, 4mm foam, Mesh body and Spines. Spines is a system of multiple anatomical protection gear that can be incorporated into the glove. It consists of fully removable protection rods that adapt to the hand, specially developed to protect the fingers and reduce the risk of injury while maintaining exceptional flexibility and freedom of movement.

    MESH is a flexible and highly breathable material that offers minimum bulkiness and heaviness. This fabric makes up the body of the gloves in the Scorpius SSG PRO line and the Kids' line.

    9 cm elastic wristband
    Latex strap with 2 velcro fasteners for a comfortable and tight closure.

    For beginner goalkeepers looking for a glove with high durability, maximum protection and an excellent grip.

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