Cronos Blue UGT+
Cronos Blue UGT+
Cronos Blue UGT+
Cronos Blue UGT+
Cronos Blue UGT+

Cronos Blue UGT+

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  • PALM - 4mm German Latex UGT+
  • CUT - Negative
  • WRIST - 9 cm elastic wristband
  • STRAP - Latex strap with 2 velcro points
  • BACKHAND - COMFORT+ and natural Latex
  • BODY -COMFORT+ provides an excellent layer of reinforcement.


UGT+ is our new high-level professional latex formula for the most demanding goalkeepers. This latex is developed to meet the needs of any type of playing field and weather conditions in terms of grip, durability, and cushion. This palm has been tested in the most extreme conditions and will provide the best grip in both dry and wet weather with a durability superior to the average professional goalkeeper gloves.

GEL FIT provides the best non-slip grip system. A special German material is inserted in the internal compartment of the latex palm, at previously studied points, so that the hand does not slip while inside the glove. This allows for excellent security and an increased feel of the ball when in contact with the glove.

Negative cut provides the most excellent fit as the palm and backhand seams are stitched from the inside. This creates a closer fit to the hands and generates what seems like a second skin that delivers greater sensitivity when in contact with the ball. It is perhaps the most technical cut, as it allows you to have the best feeling of contact with the ball. 

4mm natural latex + 8mm foam, the new CRONOS also features the new Comfort+ body with removable Spines, a system of multiple anatomical protection gear that can be incorporated into the glove. It consists of five fully removable protection rods that adapt to the hand, specially developed to protect the fingers and reduce the risk of injury while maintaining exceptional flexibility and freedom of movement.

COMFORT+. This fabric provides an excellent layer of reinforcement in the gloves. It is a very breathable, flexible, and resistant material. 

9 cm elastic wrist that provides the perfect fit accompanied with a Latex strap with 2 velcro points for a comfortable and tight closure.

Goalkeepers looking for high performance professional gloves with maximum latex support for all weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Matthew Mellross
Sticky and comfortable

Awesome gloves. Very sticky, I can pick the ball up with one hand with them on and wraps nicely around the wrist, I can hardly feel shots

Brian Rodriguez

Very good quality glove, and very durable in all surfaces. Has very good grip and tackiness. Great buy for all levels of play.


Great customer support. These are very sturdy and offer great protection and comfort

Edwin Gotico
Best goalie glove!!

My son has used many brands of gloves and by far is the best. After several games of use it still has grip and is holding up.

Jason Zike
Great Switch!

Not many glove manufactures have the hybrid-roll negative cut gloves on the market. Being that's the cut my son loves, we gave N1 a shot. What an incredible glove; true to size fit, great support and flex all in one, the inner grip to prevent hand slide, to the tough as nails latex. These gloves are built to last which makes our transition from another glove brand, to N1, full time!

Matias Arbol

Sevilla - La Liga Spain