Padded Compression Long Pants N1 PROTEK
Padded Compression Long Pants N1 PROTEK
Padded Compression Long Pants N1 PROTEK
Padded Compression Long Pants N1 PROTEK

Padded Compression Long Pants N1 PROTEK

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Thermal Compression Long Pants with built-in padding.

The N1 Compression Long Pants have the PROTEK technology that absorbs the impact of the hips and legs against any surface. Its Lycra fabric protects the skin from abrasion and regulates the interior temperature while helping to reduce the germs and bacteria that cause odor.

*Ideal for hard, dry, and high abrasion artificial grass.

Composition: High quality Lycra: 92% Polyamide / 8% Elastane.


Customer Reviews

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Matt C
Great for indoor

These are great for my indoor games on more of a gym floor court. Fit is great knee and hip pads are in the right spot! Would recommend!

Matt S.
Excellent Protection on Turf

Bought my U13 goalkeeper these padded pants for hip and knee protection. Moving up to 11v11 means lots more turf fields. They are much more robust and protective than other padded compression pants that we’ve tried. Bought them on a BOGO deal; very happy with the quality and price!

Stephanie Jones
Great fit!

My son loved the ways these fit and loves the padding! Such a great buy!

GK 2013 Mom
Great fit

These fit perfectly on my 11 year old GK. They have held up well to washing and he thinks they are comfortable.

Katie Hintz

The padding feels very sturdy and well secured within the fabric. My son loves having the extra protection, especially when he is playing on turf fields.



It is one of the most advanced technologies in the N1 textile line. The PROTEK technology is developed with EVA foam that was specifically designed to provide greater protection and absorption from impacts. Through a thermo-molded technique, different flexion points have been achieved in the PROTEK padding, this process allows the EVA foam to adjust to the figure of the goalkeeper providing better mobility and a compressive fit. Our entire PROTEK line is accompanied with an extremely resistant and elastic Lycra fabric that protects the skin against abrasion.

N1 Lycra Fabric

Our new elastic and compressive N1 Lycra fabric allows you to achieve maximum mobility, better performance, and extra protection against abrasion. In addition, the fibers of this Premium fabric facilitate the elimination of perspiration while maintaining the internal temperature of the body. It prevents heat leaks and protects against cold winter temperatures by creating a layer of thermal insulation during your training sessions or competitions. To top it off, our N1 Lycra fabric helps to reduce the germs and bacteria that cause odor.