Sirius Orange UGT+
Sirius Orange UGT+
Sirius Orange UGT+
Sirius Orange UGT+
Sirius Orange UGT+

Sirius Orange UGT+

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  • PALM - 4mm German Latex UGT+
  • CUT - Negative
  • WRIST - Back extension with adjustable elastic tubular shape
  • STRAP - 3 strap options: Removable latex strap with 2 Velcro fasteners / Removable elastic strap with double wrap-around/ Strapless.
  • BACKHAND - One-piece Neoprene body and a 4mm Natural Latex foam
  • BODY - Neoprene


UGT+ is our new high-level professional latex formula for the most demanding goalkeepers. This latex is developed to meet the needs of any type of playing field and weather conditions in terms of grip, durability, and cushion. This palm has been tested in the most extreme conditions and will provide the best grip in both dry and wet weather with a durability superior to the average professional goalkeeper gloves.

GEL FIT provides the best non-slip grip system. A special German material is inserted in the internal compartment of the latex palm, at previously studied points, so that the hand does not slip while inside the glove. This allows for excellent security and an increased feel of the ball when in contact with the glove.

Negative cut provides the most excellent fit as the palm and backhand seams are stitched from the inside. This creates a closer fit to the hands and generates what seems like a second skin that delivers greater sensitivity when in contact with the ball. It is perhaps the most technical cut, as it allows you to have the best feeling of contact with the ball. 

One-piece Neoprene body that has a 3D embossed 4mm natural latex foam that was specifically designed to improve hand protection.

Neoprene is an insulating fabric that provides a great level of lightness, flexibility, and resistance in the glove. This fabric is also what makes up the body of the gloves in the Scorpius UGT+ line.

Back extension with a adjustable elastic tubular shape for a more secure fit. New 3 Strap Option: Removable latex strap with 2 Velcro fasteners / Removable elastic strap with double wrap-around/ Strapless.

Goalkeepers looking for high performance professional gloves with maximum latex support for all weather conditions.

Guido Herrera

Talleres - 1st Division Argentina




Our mission is to give every goalkeeper access to the best quality gloves in the world! N1 uses the most advanced technologies and materials combined with a team of innovative designers and professional goalkeepers who strive to develop the best looking and performing gloves in the market within a very affordable price.


Our team has many years of experience in professional goalkeeping worldwide. However, like most successful athletes, we have had to overcome several obstacles to become pro goalkeepers. We understand the importance of wearing great quality gloves without breaking the bank. That is why we remain committed to developing the best gloves in the world without compromising quality.


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